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Using Power Bi, YellowFin, Tableau or your organizations Dashboard solution we enable you to visualize your data graphically. Allowing for quick, informative interpretations of your data. The visualizations allow you to see trends and focus points within your organization.

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Optimizes performance or increases analysis and reporting capabilities with our powerful data analytics software Arbutus. Allows for the transparent joining and comparing of data from disparate sources making it easier to get a complete picture of your organizations data. Staged data can be used just as if it were in a data warehouse allowing for easier consolidations and data standardization and integrity. Data marts can be created and updated as easily as just copying a file.

Created CAATS and reports in Arbutus can be emailed out to relevant parties as soon as they have been updated. This allows for up-to-date reports and exceptions to be easily accessed and made available to stakeholders. Any exceptions can be highlighted allowing you to view any deviations or unexpected happenings in your data.

Arbutus software easily integrate into your current BI environment. Easily connecting to any data source as well as pushing data into any data source and Dash-board solution you currently have in place. Allowing for all of your organization's data to be analyzed and reported on.
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